malaga weather

Malaga enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate all year long with more than 300 sunny days.

Summers are hot (with an average temperature of 26 ºC) and humid, except when the terral blows, a dry wind from the interior that rises the temperatures. The winters are mild and freezing temperatures are virtually nonexistent. Temperatures hover around 16 degrees and rain is more frequent.

Due to the mild climate provided by its latitude, and being also protected from the cold north winds by the Sierras and the mountains of Malaga, the climate of the Costa del Sol passes directly from fall to spring. With the first rains springs fresh green grass when the rest of Europe is covered with snow. There is always an abundance of flowers and trees and bushes in bloom, turning Malaga into a privileged place, caressed by the sun throughout the year.


Needless to say, the most pleasant seasons regarding the weather are spring and autumn, driving a convertible car hire Malaga, but all the same, visitors should always have some warmer clothes with them when they come to Malaga due to the low night temperatures and the wind, like long trousers, a jacket and pullovers.