malaga airport departures

The departures hall is located on the top floors in the old Terminal 2 and the new Terminal 3. At Terminal T3 billed Schengen flights at Terminal T2 is done billing for non-Schengen flights, with exception of the airlines Easy Jet, Jet 2 and Ryanair which are billed at T2. In order to arrive at the airport, passengers can go by bus, the suburban train or hiring a Malaga airport taxi.

Malaga airport departures
Malaga Airport Departures

It is no longer possible to park private vehicles in front of the terminals to drop off passengers. The Malaga Airport Parking offers parking options for short and long term parking.

The nearest car parks to the terminals are the car parks P1 and P2. The P3 is located behind the new terminal T3 and has a free shuttle bus service which takes the passengers to the terminal T3. Another option for those who wish to park their car at the airport for a longer period of time are the long-term parking services located near the airport.

Hired cars can be dropped in the airport itself or in the close proximity of the airport (in case the enterprise is situated outside the airport building), and the respective Malaga airport car rental companies take the visitors in special shuttles to the airport afterwards.

Malaga airport departures